Our mission is to provide camaraderie, support, information, and service to the wives of American football coaches. We have several social media sites and a newsletter that provide information about how we handle the exciting, crazy, and stressful lives we lead. We share our triumphs and mourn our losses, ask for advice, give moving, childrearing, and recipe tips, and support one another in good times and bad. We have a mentoring program that pairs up newer wives with one who is seasoned. Connections are made, friendships bloom, and someone who really gets it is just a call, text, or email away. Whether you are a new wife who has questions and are seeking support or a seasoned wife who has advice to share and needs camaraderie, we are your group! Come laugh, share stories, gain and share knowledge, hug, and leave feeling ready to face whatever comes next.

An exclusive AFCWA Mentoring Program for our members

Seasoned Wives / New Wives

There is nothing like having a friend who really “gets” you and is living this football coach wife life too. That is what SWNW is all about... a pairing a "seasoned" wife with one who is newer to the football wife life.

The process is easy and a unique benefit of AFCWA membership.

Once a member of AFCWA, you can simply register for SWNW by completing the. On the form, you’ll tell us whether you want to be a seasoned wife (mentor), new wife (mentee) or both. Your preference to be matched by geography, division, or stage of life will be noted as well. We will make a heartfelt effort to honor your preference. However, we cannot guarantee someone will be in the pool that matches perfectly.

Once we receive your submission, we will match you as soon as we can. You’ll then receive an email with the email address and phone number of your SWNW match. She is waiting and is but a phone call, text, email or zoom away. ​We need both, mentors and mentees, and can’t wait to see the difference SWNW makes in your life!

The Donell Teaff Scholarship

AFCWA awards The Donell Teaff Scholarship to deserving, qualified football coaches' wives who wish to attend undergraduate or graduate school to further their education. The scholarship is named in honor of Donell Teaff, AFCWA Trustee, and one of the AFCWA Founding Mothers.

Are you or another wife on your staff looking to go back to school? Currently working on your degree? If so, then consider applying for the Donell Teaff Scholarship!

Applications are now closed for the 2024 Donell Teaff Scholarship.
Check back in August to apply for the 2025 Scholarship.