American Football Coaches' Wives Association

This amazing group of women loves the AFCWA and works hard all year to produce an exceptional annual convention for the football wives membership. They have a heart for service and camaraderie.


Board of Directors

This amazing group of women works hard all year to provide you with an excellent experience year after year in January at our annual convention. We hope you know how much we love serving this amazing community!


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What is the mission of AFCWA?

To provide camaraderie, support, information, & service to the wives of American Football Coaches.

Who can be a member of AFCWA?

AFCWA is open to all wives of active, allied, in-transition, or retired members of the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA). Membership is also available to those wives whose husband was a member of AFCA upon their death.

How do I sign up to be a member of AFCWA?

Click on "Become a Member" below or visit the Membership Page. From there, it is super easy to complete your membership info.

How do I apply for the Donnell Teaff Scholarship?

AFCWA awards The Donell Teaff Scholarship to deserving, qualified football coaches' wives who wish to attend undergraduate or graduate school to further their education. The applicant must be a member of AFCWA.

What is Seasoned Wives / New Wives?

Seasoned Wives / New Wives is a mentoring program designed to pair a “seasoned” coach's wife (mentor) with a “new” wife or one who is newer to the football wife life (mentee). The mentoring program is open exclusively to our membership.

When is the AFCWA Convention?

The AFCWA convention is held every year in conjunction with the AFCA Convention.

What happens during the AFCWA Convention?

During the convention, the AFCWA offers educational sessions, a gathering spot for meeting new people and hanging out with old friends, shopping opportunities to purchase unique football items, service opportunities, and much more.

How can I attend the AFCWA Convention?

Membership to AFCWA is required to attend the convention.

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