American Football Coaches Wives Association

welcome to afcwa

The American Football Coaches Wives Association is the only national organization for wives’ of football coaches in all levels of the game.  AFCWA members “get it”!   We understand the crazy lifestyle that comes with being the wife of a football coach. It’s a life we wouldn’t trade, for even a quarter.


The AFCWA is a sorority of sorts.  Our mission is to provide CAMARADERIE, SUPPORT, INFORMATION and SERVICE to the wives of football coaches, regardless of division, position, or level.  Let’s face it; regardless of the position our husband may hold, we face some of the same challenges.  Be it obnoxious fans, moving, winning seasons, losing seasons, being fired, transitioning, raising children and teaching them how to handle what Daddy’s job entails or dealing with the ever more intrusive media, (social media is another game we play together), or a dozen other things, coaches’ wives are kindred spirits.


The AFCWA “Playbook”: our complete game plan, including players and objectives is located in About Us. Take a look and see some of the great work we do.


If you’re the wife of a football coach and you’d like to join the only association made just for you; camaraderie, support, information and service are a click away.  Select Membership and join our team of wives from across the country.

The AFCWA creates bonds with wives that last forever.


Cindy Johnson